Jonny Knox is a designer, digital artist, inventor, entrepreneur and CoFounder | Chief Creative Officer of Sublime Digital, a forward thinking Shared Immersion, VR and AR startup with offices in Glasgow, London and Dubai.

He combines his eclectic background in music, architecture and computer generated graphics to craft new media designs, installations and immersive experiences; stepping between left and right brains, between art, design and technology to experience.

As Resident Entrepreneur in Design Informatics at The University of Edinburgh, he devised a realtime digital projection dome presenting at the National Museum of Scotland with his unique interactive dome exhibit ‘Touching the NEOlithic’’.

He CoFounded Sublime who deliver shared immersion (dome) projects across the world for clients such as Fosters + Partners, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Astrazenica and The British Museum.

His artistic work is articulated through technology, often custom software and novel pipelines yet his motivation is more primordial and concerned with experience, perception and process over traditional narrative.

He is currently touring his recent dome / planetarium live AV performance 'Remote Sense' around the world with Ecuadorian sound collaborator Darien Brito.

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